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    dia_bluve.gif Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
    dia_bluve.gif Head Up Display (HUD)
    dia_bluve.gif Heavy Duty Vehicles Protocol Interpreter
EDR Integration solution. 
dia_bluve.gif Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad.
    dia_bluve.gif OBD2 Scan tool 
All kinds of integration:
    dia_bluve.gif CAN BUS gateway for TOYOTA, NISSAN,
    dia_bluve.gif DVR + OBD2 interpreter
    dia_bluve.gif DVR Black Box for heavy duty vehicle

    dia_bluve.gif TPMS +HUD
    dia_bluve.gif TPMS + HUD + GPS
    dia_bluve.gif TPMS + Rear-Mirror + Parking Sensor
    dia_bluve.gif TPMS + HUD + Parking Sensor
    dia_bluve.gif TPMS + Two Dins ( One Dins) Media.
Professional Design:
    dia_bluve.gif ID design service
    dia_bluve.gif Controller PCB design & Layout service
    dia_bluve.gif RF design & Layout service
    dia_bluve.gif Integration interface design service
    dia_bluve.gif Hardware and Software design service 
Main Customer
    dia_bluve.gif Car Manufactory
    dia_bluve.gif PDI
    dia_bluve.gif After-market Channel
    dia_bluve.gif System Integration company
    dia_bluve.gif Tyre Maker
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